João Carlos Correia

Associate Professor with license.
Scientific Interests: Political Communication, Public Sphere and Social Movements. Media Studies. Journalism.


Mass and Multitudes: “Old “ and  “New” Ways of Being in Public

The “old” concept of masses (studied by Freud, Gasset, Adorno, Canetti, Elias, Blumer among others) seems to be vanished from the recent research in digital media, as if it was a primitive way of being in public. Not denying the social importance of well-structured publics with a clear agenda and rational goals, one tries to bring to light the relevance of the mass behavior and mass propaganda in digital media, frequently expressed in forms of digital sociability (flaming, digital hooliganism and bullying) that seems to be forgotten by some approaches. Simultaneously, one tries to identify emerging forms of sociability that act politically with internal discussion and critical intervention. Nowadays, one assists to the rebirth of political activism. After the cynicism of 80th and 90th (Sloterdijk,1987), people seem to be awaking from political apathy, as the first years of the second decade seems to announce.